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    1. sign-up什么意思. 1. This will be listed in your initial sign-up email. 这将是列在您最初注册的电子邮件。 2. FYF Wwc02、Sign-up organizations should fill in and post the attached forms, along with organization introduction, qualification certificate, relative cases introduction when signing up. 应征设计单位报名时应填写报名表,以及单位简介、资质 ...

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    1. No problem; a sign-up link is provided on the Delicious log-in page. 没有问题的;在Delocious登录页面提供了一个注册链接。 2. Goplan has a nice colored button on the log-in page pointing to the sign-up page. Goplan的登陆页面上有个漂亮的彩色按钮指向注册页面。

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    1. sign up with的解释. 1. With these companies, you need to sign up. 与这些公司,你需要注册。 2. Result and Conclusion: Systremma was independent of calcium intaking and could not be the sign of lack of or adding up calcium; 6.26% of 94 pregnants with 结果与结论:腓肠肌痉挛与钙摄入量无关,腓肠肌痉挛不能作为是否缺钙及补钙的依据;6.26%的非 ...

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    1. Sign up now. 1. You should sign up now and place the PPP audio ad code on your site right away. 您应该立即注册和地点购买力平价音频广告代码,您的网站。 2. Now that you've met Miss Darbus, I bet you just can't wait to sign up for that. 你刚听达布思老师说了,我猜你迫不及待就想来报名参加音乐剧了吧?

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    1. Despite Staub's rocky relationship with her " Real Housewives " cast members, she'd " absolutely " sign up for a third season. 2. Poor cataract patients could sign up for operations at local federations for the disabled.. 3. Interested people can log on to the official website of BOCOG to check the positions available and also to sign up for the exams.. 4. Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic ...
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