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Bear Island
    Documentary made by three brothers on a surf trip on one of the coldest islands on earth: Bear Island. They cross country ski in a white, barren landscape. Each has a sled in tow with a surfboard perched on top. The snow whips them as they set up camp in preparation for the day ahead... - Site Stats
    13 Things Every Email User Should Know (2 months ago) Turn off "html encoding" when writing email. although you may think it's cute to send e-mail with text in different colours, or at stupidly large sizes, those of us on unix shells can't read it. and it means people have to download three times as much data to get their e-mail, which isn't nice if you are using a modem. - Site Stats
    sign up for more information on the gypsy jazz workshops. name. email. Go URL . Dragonuke ukulele Anu Grace - Dragonuke. dragonuke children’s ukulele entertainment australia & new zealand anu grace and laurie bycroft. our aim is to spark children’s imagination in music. ... › (3 seconds ago) / US

2,000 Things Bite-Sized Lists of Things that You Should Know
    The idea behind the project is to present a series of lists of things that you should know, adding one new item to each list every day. For each list that we publish, you can subscribe to the posts for that list using your favorite RSS reader software (e.g. Google Reader). Doing this will…

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